Website Developments

Az digi is provided best web Designings and development or digital marketing services in lahore with the experience 12+ years. We are develop a static and dynamic websites along with different technologies like PHP/Laravel and provided a best digital marketing services in Lahore.

1) First, we gain information and gather requirements from our clients to produce max output according to customer satisfaction.
2)Planning: At this stage of web development, our team creates the data according to a customer to give an opportunity to check what the entire look of the site looks like. Based on information and requirements, our team brainstormed to plan a process to progress the site.
3)Design: During this phase, the design is shaped for the website. All the visual content like images, photos videos, and all other content is prepared.
4)Content writing and compiling: Compiling sometimes overlaps with other creating phases of a website but this role can’t be underestimated. At this step, it’s very important to write each aspect of the website very clearly to communicate with the audience.
5)Coding: At this step, you finally start developing the website. Graphical representation has been designed during the previous stages should be used to create an actual website. 6) Testing: Finally, after the website has been completely built and developed. Now it’s time to check and test its every function for attaining our maximum results.

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